Hot swimsuits this Summer

This Summer there is an exciting range of swimsuit styles on offer, with several clear themes and mix and match options, but the one thing that is certain is that there is a lot of skin on show, with bottoms shown in distinctly Brazilian style, side-breast in evidence and low cut bottoms as standard on two-pieces.


With all this exposure, you will want to be in shape and well-groomed, but don’t worry if you want more cover, as there are some styles for everyone and, with the style choices and mix-and-match mindset, it is hard to get it too wrong.




There are lots of muted primary colours about – not as pale as pastel, but softer than pure primary. Blacks and whites are plentiful too, with a few natural and ethnic patterned options in some of the Spring-Summer collections we’ve seen.


For the most part, pairing a white top with a muted orange, red, green or blue bottom and a colourful chunky bit of casual jewellery, with thong sandals and loose, flyaway hair will make you fit into any crowd this year.




Fabrics are natural cottons and natural-looking stretch materials, with a few wet-look glossy options, especially in the one-pieces.


Generally, a casual, natural look that is not too planned, will go down well.


Look through the gallery here and make some style choices:






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