We have stopped publishing new articles, but feel free to delve into our archive to browse two years of articles. We may start up again in future, but for now we are focusing on some exciting new projects. Thanks for all your support these last two years – it has been a blast!

We are a site designed to bring girls together around the things we value most – friendship, a great lifestyle, shared values and an inside track on where to get the best value for make-up, fashion, food, holidays and entertainment.

Our feature articles under Gossip highlighted new trends, share some juicy gossip or gave a view from an expert on making the most of your life.

Every month we will featured a Best Friend Celebrity of the Month, someone you would like as your best friend.

In addition, we had regular features on the things that are important to you: lifestyle & relationships, health & beauty, fashion, food, music, film & books, leisure & travel and me & my money.

In each of these areas we looked for the latest trends and the best deals in the market and brought you the links that took you to the best value, whether a great website to visit, an interesting book to read or a super deal on some great cosmetics. We remained neutral in all of this, always looking for what is best for you, our reader, so that we can give the advice a best friend would.

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